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What is Visa Run

Visa run is one of the easiest and cost effective ways a passenger can extend visa. This concept is widely used in countries like Thailand. The concept was popularized in the UAE even since the liberalization of visa rules in the UAE and with the advent of visa free and visa on arrival in the UAE.

What is Visa Run process in UAE?

The process of visarun is easy in UAE. We will provide the applicants of visa on arrival nationalities transportation to the near by Oman border and return with the new entry stamp of UAE.

Can anyone avail this service?

Visa run can be used by nationals who hold a  passport which provides “visa on arrival” or “visa free” entry in to the United Arab Emirates.

Is there any cost apart from the trip?

The charges for the trip will be minimal and we provide with fully air conditioned and comfortable vehicles. Apart from the trip cost there will be an exit fees which varies from AED 30 AED 50 and Oman visa

Which vehicle is used for visarun?

We use 2023 Toyota Hiace, which is a 13 seater with push back seats. Even though its 13 seater we do not make it too crowded. We limit to maximum 7- 8 passenger per trip.

Which border do we use for visarun?

We have to take approval from the border a day before our travel. We have approvals from Hatta border and Ras al Khaimah border.

Will there be stops during the trip to border?

Yes, we will be stopping in petrol station on the way to the border. You can use the washroom and buy snacks during the snacks.

Will there be anyone to assist me at border?

Our person will guide you properly at the border. We will be paying UAE exit fees and Oman visa for you as they only accept card payment. Even form filling at Oman border will be assisted by our staff.

What are the payment option? has many payment options. You can pay using your card online, If you wish to pay by card you can click on pay on the day of departure and pay us on the day of travel. We also have card machines installed in our vehicle which can be also used to pay us.

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