Is it easy to get a visa change to Oman?

Oman is one among the tourist hub of Middle East; moreover, it’s an area that folks seek to for the utilization Regardless of whether individuals look for the usage visa or the need to have enjoyment with loved ones and need to expand their remain, they need to ask their visa change that is essential. Furthermore, imagine a scenario in which you get your Oman visa reached out with a pocket inviting cost? you only need to do touch research and plan in order that your visa change is often less stressful.

The ins and outs of the respective procedure must be identified to spotlight the insight into how the method is often fulfilled within 1 to 2 business days. The Oman visa change is frequently cleared out two different ways, for example, by transport, and via air. within the Oman visa change three important steps are observed in terms of the border, run entitles such as: getting an exit stamp on the passport, on the arrival at Oman border receiving an entry stamp then re-entering in UAE alongside the Oman exit stamp on the passport.

Moreover, the important documents required for the travel are as follows: a legitimate passport for 6 months, a transparent passport-sized photograph alongside the white background, a legitimate visa for Oman and therefore the cancellation papers if a private consisted of UAE residence or employment visa.

In addition, on arriving at the Oman fringe, a private must compensation a specific outskirt expense of around 40 AED. After this, the identification will be stepped nearby the Oman visa run. This visa seems to be valid for the 30 days that permits the individuals to enter once, meaning once a private goes for Oman exit the visa won’t be valid and can not be ready to enter Oman alongside an equivalent visa. However, getting failed in exiting the country will charge overstay fine for every day.




Exit to Oman for a visa change and have an exquisite stay while you enjoy comfortable and affordable services provided by visa run.

Our Oman visa department focuses on visa change to Oman and supply customers to require the exit package either from Dubai to Oman by bus or via air, counting on the budget and selection of the client.

Contact us for daily deals on packages on Visa change to Oman and spend your Oman holidays in the best way possible.


Price Includes


  • 30 days UAE Visa
  • Oman Visa
  • Bus Transportation
  • Free shakey’s 1 meal on travel date.

Price Excludes


  • Hotel Accommodation
  • All personal expenses
  • All meals and services not mentioned above
  • All tours and excursions


Additional Information


  • Offer valid for Filipino and Indian Nationals only.
  • UAE guarantor is mandatory.
  • Security deposit could also be required upon approval.


Terms & Conditions:


  • Oman visa for various nationalities is provided at different rates.
  • Visa Approval is up to immigration only.
  • In case of any rejection, visa run isn’t liable for the appliance charge.
  • If an individual doesn’t leave UAE within the specified time as per their visa, then all the fines are going to be paid by the Applicant / Sponsor of Applicant.
  • In case of all quite overstays or absconding of the applicant, all the fines are going to be paid by Applicant / Sponsor of application.
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